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We are looking forward to welcoming athletes from across the world to Nottinghamshire for the 2022 ICF Canoe Freestyle World Championships.

The World Championships is the pinnacle event in the Freestyle event calendar and we look forward to welcoming the best athletes from across the globe. We shall do all we can to ensure that it is a memorable Championships with athletes at the forefront of all our planning. 

We are aware many athletes will have concerns over the impact of COVID-19.  Covid-19 poses many challenges to the delivery of the event with the welfare and safety of all clients the priority for all concerned.  The COVID situation in the UK and globally will be continuously reviewed and as required plans adapted as controls evolve. 

British Canoeing Events Team

It is very fitting that we should be hosting the 2022 World Championships. It is 31 years since the very first Freestyle World Championships was held at the Bitches tidal rapids in West Wales in 1991

It is also the 35th anniversary of the White Water Course here in Nottingham.

The World Championships is being organised with athlete experience at the forefront of all of our planning. We aim to provide a platform for athletes from across the globe to perform, whilst providing a great experience on and off the water.

The World Championships competition is part of a much wider festival bringing paddlers from across the UK to engage in a range of events, local development programmes, and a village showcasing our partners.

World Championships athletes will have the opportunity to enter the wider events programme should they wish with competitions such as flatwater freestyle, down river freestyle and a biggest loop taking place throughout the week.

The Feature

Rory O’Reilly from Kayak IQ has been reviewing the feature for the World Championship as part of his blog and here’s what he found…

Team Bulletin

Bulletin 1b (issued February 2022) is available here.

Bulletin 2 (issued May 20220) is available here.

The venue have also shared a simple guide on how to register for membership in order to booking training in advance of official training.  The guide is available here.
From 1 June athletes will be able to book one hour specific freestyle slots on the Twin Waves for 17 June onwards.  This will be available 17 June to 21 June during venue opening hours.  In addition from 22 June to 24 June after Official Training has finished each day, additional open one hour freestyle session bookings can also be made.

ICF Website

  1. More information is available through the ICF website here
  2. If you have any questions please contact the British Canoeing events team here