Schedule. Clare O Hara in action.


Please note the schedule is provisional and subject to change. A more detailed schedule will be available closer to the event.

Mon 27 June 2022 Competition Day 1
Prelims – Women’s Squirt, Men’s Squirt, Women’s C1, Open Canoe, Junior Women’s K1

Tues 28 June 2022 Competition Day 2
Prelims – Men’s K1
Semi Finals – Women’s C1, Women’s Squirt, Men’s Squirt

Wed 29 June 2022 Competition Day 3
Prelims – Men’s C1, Women’s K1
Semi Finals – Open Canoe
Finals – Women’s Squirt, Men’s Squirt

Thurs 30 June 2022 Competition Day 4
Prelims – Junior Men’s K1
Quarter Finals – Women’s K1, Men’s K1
Finals – Open Canoe
Masters World Championships

Fri 1 July 2022 Competition Day 5
Semi Finals – Men’s C1, Women’s K1, Men’s K1, Junior Women’s K1, Junior Men’s K1
Finals – Women’s C1, Men’s C1 Masters World Championships

Sat 2 July 2022 Competition Day 6
Finals – Junior Women’s K1, Junior Men’s K1, Women’s K1, Men’s K1 Masters World Championships